Keyboard Shortcuts

Note: For Mac users, please substitute the Command key for the Ctrl key. This substitution with work for the majority of commands

General Commands

Windows key + D Desktop to foreground
Context menu Right click
Alt + underlined letter Menu drop down, Action selection
Alt + Tab Toggle between open applications
Alt, F + X or Alt + F4 Exit application
Alt, Spacebar + X Maximize window
Alt, Spacebar + N Minimize window
Ctrl + W Closes window
F2 Renames a selected file or folder

Open Programs
To open programs from START menu: Create a program shortcut and drop it into
START menu
To open programs/files on Desktop: Select first letter, and then press Enter to

Dialog Boxes
Enter Selects highlighted button
Tab Selects next button
Arrow keys Selects next (>) or previous button (<)
Shift + Tab Selects previous button

Microsoft Word

Ctrl + P Print
Ctrl + S Save
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Y Redo
CTRL+B Make text bold
CTRL+I Italicize
CTRL+U Underline
Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl + V Paste
Ctrl + X Copy + delete
Shift + F3 Change case of letters
Ctrl+Shift+> Increase font size
Ctrl+Shift+< Decrease font size

Highlight Text
Shift + Arrow Keys Selects one letter at a time
Shift + Ctrl + Arrow keys Selects one word at a time
Shift + End or Home Selects lines of text

Change or resize the font
CTRL+SHIFT+ > Increase the font size
CTRL+SHIFT+ < Decrease the font size
CTRL+SHIFT+F Change font and size

Microsoft PowerPoint

Page Up/Down Moves to next/previous slide
Ctrl + M Insert a slide in current presentation
Ctrl + W Close a presentation
F5 View slide show from beginning
Shift+F5 View slide show from current slide
Esc Cancel an action
Alt + V, then D View slide sorter
Alt + O, then N Format text box (colors and lines)
Alt + I, then X Insert text box

Select and move text/objects
Tab Selects and cycles forward through objects (if cursor is in text box, press ESC; box can now be moved, copied, pasted, formatted, etc.)
Shift + Tab Selects and cycles backward through objects
Enter Positions cursor within an object when the object is selected
Arrow keys Shifts location of text box once selected (press β€˜Esc’ to de-select)

Microsoft Excel

Worksheet navigation
Ctrl + Home Cursor at beginning of worksheet
Home Cursor at beginning of row
Ctrl + Arrow Keys Moves to edge of current data region
Tab Moves to next cell
Shift + Tab Moves to previous cell
Alt + Page Up, Page Down Move one screen to the left, right
Ctrl + Page Up, Page Down Move to the next/previous worksheet
Ctrl + Tab, Shift + Tab Move to the next/previous workbook

Edit Worksheet
F2 Edit active cell/put cursor at end of line
Ctrl + Shift + Plus Sign (+) Insert blank cells or rows and columns
Ctrl + Hyphen (-) Delete selected cells
Shift + Space Bar Highlights entire row
Ctrl + Space Bar Highlights entire column
Shift + Arrow Keys Highlights cells
Delete Clear contents of selection
Ctrl + Z Undo last action
Shift + F11 Insert a new worksheet

Mozilla Firefox (Web Browser)

Back Alt + Left Arrow
Forward Alt + Right Arrow
Shift + Backspace
Home Alt+Home
Select location bar Alt+d
History Ctrl+H
Caret browsing F7 (navigation by cursor)

Current page
End of page End
Beginning of page Home
Text size increase Ctrl+ +
Text size decrease Ctrl+ -
Text size restore Ctrl+ 0 (zero)

New tab Ctrl+T
New Window Ctrl+N
Next tab Ctrl+ Tab

Mozilla Thunderbird (Email Client)

Ctrl+N New Message
Ctrl+W Close Window
Del Delete Message
Ctrl+L Forward Message
F8 Toggle Message Pane
F Go to Next Message (Forward)
B Go to Previous Message (Back)
Ctrl+R Reply to Message (sender only)
Ctrl+Shift+R Reply to All in Message (all recipients)
Ctrl+Enter Send Message Now
Spacebar Scrolls through message
Enter View message in window
Tab Moves cursor between fields

printable keyboard shortcuts document (pdf)