Conference Overview

The Marconi Research Conferences have focused on ergonomic and health issues concerning computer input devices and workstation design. The scope of this fifth conference is being expanded to encompass human performance in addition to health; mobile computing in addition to desktop computing; and future technology in addition to present computing systems. Speakers will share the latest research on risk factors and health outcomes associated with computerized office work, vision & displays, input & navigation in the graphical user interface, macroergonomics of the office environment, and the future of computer technologies in the workplace. The talks will discuss current state of knowledge, research findings or methods, and/or future research questions related to users' health, performance, and experiences. The conference schedule is paced to allow for introspective discussions - to foster collaboration between research disciplines.


Learn about latest technology developments in the areas of computing, both desktop and mobile and both software and hardware.

* Foster communication and collaboration between technologists and health researchers.

* Draft research agenda of potential health issues associated with new technologies and how they might affect product design, workstation design, and communication between organizations and customers and employees.

Encourage health researchers to draft grant proposals to OERC and government health organizations that connect future technologies with their health research interests and efforts.

Proceeding Papers

Review of integrated approaches in the work place
Nico Pronk

Update on the UE intervention review
Ben Amick

Equipment and furniture ergonomic standards in China
Chaoyi Zhao

Location of touch screens for balance between shoulder and neck loads
Matt Camilleri

Health effects of occupational sitting
Hidde van der Ploege

Reduction in BMI using treadmill desks
John Dinesh

The impact of sit-stand office workstations on worker discomfort and productivity
Jack Callaghan

Typing on virtual keyboards
Jeong Ho Kim Tornqvist

Developing a keyboard layout design tool for soft keyboards for thumb use
Matthieu Trudeau

Effect of tablet design features on security, fatigue and usability
Anna Pereira

Marconi Research Conference
January 24 & 26, 2014
Austin, Texas, USA

David Rempel & Jack Dennerlein