Research Laboratory 

The teaching and laboratory facilities include fully equipped classrooms at UC Berkeley and the Ergonomics laboratory which occupies a 6,500 square foot building at the Richmond Field Station.  The Field Station is an Engineering Research Annex to UC Berkeley and is located on the Bay in Richmond approximately six miles from the campus.  A shuttle bus travels every hour from the campus to the Field Station. Our laboratory has the best equipment to measure exposure and quantify meaningful differences in products, tools, work space modifications or processes and can be used in the field or at our laboratory.  The UC Ergo Lab has:

  • A total of 3,500 square feet of space including conference meeting rooms, office rooms, research laboratory, metal machine shop and wood shop

  • 3D Motion capture (XSens & Optotrak),

  • Electromyography (Noraxon)

  • Video equipment with video editing/processing (Adobe, MVTA) capability

  • 2 AMTI Force Plates

  • A Larson Davis HVM100 to measure whole body vibration and a Svantek Human Vibration Meter with accelerometers and single axis calibrator for measuring hand/arm vibration  

  • A well equipped machine shop with 2 mills, a drill press, a metal lathe, construction site air compressor, 4 rock drills, 10 hammer drills and a MIG welding station  

  • Computer Assisted Design (CAD) Software (Solidworks) for preparing design drawings and rendering designs in 3D;

  • Matlab and Python which is important for processing analyzing and displaying data

  • Stata for statistical analysis  

  • A Work Simulation Center with 1000 square feet of space that is set up to simulate common work tasks in construction and assembly for research and teaching purposes