Universal Drill Press

Dowel and rod drilling involves drilling holes about 1 inch in diameter 1 - 2 feet deep into concrete in order to epoxy in rebar for structural upgrades. It is usually done manually with 30-lb pneumatic rock drills and is noisy and physically exhausting work. A Universal Drilling Jig is being developed and tested at commercial construction sites in the Bay Area. The goal is to improve productivity while reducing muscle loads, vibration exposure and exposure to silica dust. The Jig has also been used at several BART construction sites for drilling holes for large anchors as well as for setting anchors. A commercial version of the device is available at ErgoMek.com

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Overhead Drill Press

We designed and field-tested a new device, we call the UCSF Overhead Drill Press, to reduce arm fatigue and injuries in commercial construction workers who repeatedly drill overhead. Drilling into concrete or metal ceilings is a strenuous task that carries risks of musculoskeletal disorders, falls, vibration, and exposure to silica dust. The final design allows drilling to be done efficiently and prevents the extreme fatigue workers usually expect from overhead drilling. Building upon UCSF's design, Telpro Inc has developed a commercially available version of the overhead drill press. Follow the link below for more information.


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Researchers at Washington University, working with a pipe fitter contractor, measured the impact of using the overhead drill press attached to a dust collection system on workers' productivity and risk. They found that in addition to reducing the risk for musculoskeletal injuries and exposure to hazardous levels of silica dust, use of this equipment resulted in significant productivity improvements. These productivity improvements quickly offset the cost of the initial investment in the overhead drill press and the dust collection system. To learn more about how investing in this equipment could impact your bottom line, and to calculate the potential return on investment for your company, visit www.safecalc.org click on Load an Example and select Overhead Drill Press & Dust Control.

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